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For PTTP // Your PTTP Partners

We are here to help you as you embark on your journey. Our staff is here to answer any questions you may have.

Christina Rosales-Marler, Program Secretary

A great first contact and resource to assist you with any questions that you have. Christina manages all third-party pay and individual participants qualification files.
Phone: 661-636-4368
E-mail: chrosales@kern.org

Gena Lieske, Program Lead

Gena guides and support you through your studies and provides encouragement and support. She facilitates high-energy informative professional development opportunities during our cohort meetings.
Phone: 661-636-4563
E-mail: gelieske@kern.org

Tania Schalburg-Dykes, Program Coordinator

PTTP Program Administrator, Tania works closely with university and college partners and connects you with individualized  academic advisement and support as you transition from junior college, undergrad and onto a graduate credential program.
Phone   661-636-4367
E-mail   taschalburg@kern.org

Judy Padgett, Lead Instructional Clerk
Bonnie Saenz, Instructional Clerk

Judy and Bonnie run the KCSOS Materials Lab located at 2020 “K” Street in Bakersfield. The Lab provides instructional support materials to assist you as in your work as a paraprofessional, college student, teacher ed student and beginning teacher. We invite our PTTP participants to participate in this program of support as often as possible.

Phone:   661-636-4783
E-mail    jupadgett@kern.org

Phone:   661-636-4241
E-mail:  bosaenz@kern.org

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