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For Interns // Toolkit

Essential tools for the year-long journey of becoming a Certified Teacher:

We are here to provide intern teachers with specialized guidance and support that assists you in achieving the highest level of skill and competency in the teaching profession. Below are resources we offer to meet your specific needs:

Our Toolkit

Instructional Resources for KCSOS Intern Teachers Only

  • Classroom materials and supplies will be made available for all of our program’s intern teachers.
  • The KCSOS Curriculum Lab at 2020 “K” Street provides a wealth of materials for intern teachers, to help you build and enhance exciting, standards-based curriculum for your classrooms.

Professional Links

Professional Development

Forms You Will Need

A Personal Contact

Below are names of friendly and capable staff to guide you in your work:

Tania Schalburg-Dykes
Program Coordinator
(661) 636-4367

Gena Lieske
Intern Program Lead
(661) 636-4563

Julie Laird
Mentor Leader
(661) 636-4743

Emily Walker
Project Facilitator
(661) 636-4666