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For Interns

For Interns // How Does It Work?

The Kern County Superintendent of Schools (KCSOS) Intern/Alternative Certification program works with district and university partners to build on your deep content knowledge and expertise. Each candidate must meet rigorous prerequisites and training before stepping into a classroom.

Our district partners are highly selective in choosing the intern teachers who will work at their districts. Universities, school districts and county offices of education work together to provide a unique support program for intern credentialed teachers.

Our Intern Program provides an organized system of support with university and district partners. It is a field-based study program designed for highly committed and skilled teachers who are being exceptionally prepared to inspire learning in their classrooms.

We Help You in Achieving Your Goals by Supporting You at Every Step

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) has a defined program of support for intern teachers, and the KCSOS Teacher Development Program is designed to support you as you successfully complete program goals. Intern Credentials are issued to intern teachers by the CTC.

We Support You in Your Certification Process

Once you’ve met the prerequisites, this is the path you’ll follow as a specialized and proficient professional Intern to the completion of your Teacher Certification:

  • Continued enrollment in the alternative teacher certification university program that issued your CTC Intern Credential
  • Regular meetings with your district-assigned Mentor Teacher
  • Representing of the statewide Intern Program as a role model with the highest level of professionalism and with perpetual growth in your skills
  • Attend professional development opportunities designed specifically to meet the needs of the KCSOS Intern Credentialed Teachers.
  • Provide program feedback and data to the CTC and to the KCSOS Teacher Development Program staff.

We Connect You With a Mentor

Your Mentor Teacher is carefully selected and trained to guide your practice and accelerate your professional gowth in teaching competencies and skills. As you progress through each school year, you’ll meet regularly with your mentor for a total of 40 hours and will also be guided by a specialized Collaborative Assessment Log. We have made it easy for you to work with your mentor using our online tool to complete and approve your log.

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